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Car Chip Repair

Car Chip Repair

New Creations USA can repair exterior automotive paint chips and dings. We do not re-spray the entire area, but instead fill the chips with...

Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair

We can repair any type of carpet, including automotive and domestic. The most common repairs are done on cigarette burns and stains...



We have experience deodorizing nearly every type of odor. We do not just cover up the odor, but actually remove the source...



We can re-dye any of the materials listed on this website. This can include complete color changes...


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Before New Creations

We come to you. No fuss. No driving. No hauling. Our mobile service brings the repair to your location..

New Creations USA currently serves Washington and Oregon. New Creations also operates in locations across Canada and Australia. We are the fastest growing restoration service in the Pacific Northwest!

Before Panel Damage After Panel Fixed

<<< Before:
Note panel damage

After: Like new >>>

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Why repair is often better than replacement

  1. Cost Saving
    Repairs are often far less expensive than replacement
  2. Time Saving
    Replacement materials are often difficult to locate and not readily available
  3. Availability
    Replacement materials are often obsolete and unavailable