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"Our Finest Works of Art Are Never Seen"

New Creations USA is currently serving Washington and Oregon. Our trained professionals can repair and restore everything from auto seats, door panels, dashes, and carpets, to home furniture, boat seats and tops, airplane interior panels, and much more.

Car Chip Repair

Car Chip Repair

NCUSA can repair exterior automotive paint chips. We do not re-spray the entire area, but instead fill the chip with our specially formulated paint, remove any excess from the clear coats, and hand buff to a gloss finish.

We carry 100 stock colors to enable a great color match, and we can get an exact factory matched paint for newer or more exotic colors.

Logo Car Scratch

Car Scratch Repair

NCUSA has a revolutionary new system for applying a new car shine to a badly scuffed and scratched exterior paint job. We have a New Creations exclusive formula for applying a new clear coat to your car, melting away the appearance of scuffs and scratches.

Logo Leather


NCUSA can repair all types of leather, including automotive, furniture, pigmented leather, naked leather, etc.
We repair general wear, holes, slices, gouges, etc., retexture and also recondition leather.

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NCUSA has experience deodorizing nearly every type of odor, including smoke, animal, mildew, food, blood, milk, body order, bacteria, etc. We do not just cover up the oder, but actually remove the source of the smell, and replace it with a nose friendly scent.

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Cloth and Upholstery

We specialize in the repair and restoration of a wide assortment of cloth and upholstery fabrics, microfiber, nylon, line, and patterned cloth. We can repair burns, slices, tears, and much more.
We repair cloth in cars, RV's, offices, and homes. If the piece is not repairable, we can also install new fabric panels.

Logo Wood

Re-Padding Couches

As your couch ages, it will often break down inside and develop a sagging or soft seating area. We can repair your couch or chair on site. Automotive seats will often have their foam crack, leaving a metal bar protruding. NCUSA can open the seat, reposition the bar, restuff the foam and resew the seam, leaving the seat looking and feeling like new.

Carpet Image

Carpet Repair

NCUSA can repair any type of carpet, including automotive and domestic. The most common repairs are done on cigarette burns and stains

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NCUSA repairs your damaged wood. Whether it is a table, bed frame, floorboard, railing, or wood trim in a vehicle, we are able to match the texture, color and grain leaving any previous scratches, burns, holes, or snags looking like new.

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Hard Plastics

NCUSA repairs hard plastics commonly found on vehicles including dashes, door panels, side panels, and even exterior plastic bumpers. Many of your surfaces in the home are also made of plastic or have a hard plastic trim. We can remove your scrapes, glass cuts, gouges, and even repair cracks, leaving the plastic strong and looking like new.

Logo Linoleum

Linoleum & Countertops

NCUSA can repair burns, cuts, rips and scratches in linoleum floors and countertops. We repair these surfaces in both homes and RV's. We are experts at matching the colors, texture and sheen.

Logo Vinyl


Vinyl will often split or tear in areas of high stress. This includes boat seats, automotive seats, convertible tops, awnings, and much more.
NCUSA uses highly flexible and extremely durable repair products and dyes to repair any problems with your vinyl, leaving it looking like new.

Logo Deodorizing


NCUSA can re-dye any of the materials that are listed on this website. This can include complete color changes, or a simple covering of a stain.

Service Note

Remember, we are mobile. We come to you.  No fuss. No driving. No hauling. Our mobile service brings the repair to your location. We set an appointment at your convenience and, in many cases, complete the work in one visit.