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What Do We Restore?

At New Creations USA, we make it our priority to restore your prized possessions, making them look and feel like new. Since New Creations USA began in 1988, we have continued to develop and expand our restoration processes in Vancouver, WA. We’re constantly establishing new techniques and products in order to serve our customers even better. The durability of our restorations and repairs means that a repaired material will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. From your home and vehicle to your watercraft and RV, New Creations USA can restore it all. Your damaged materials are no match for our professional technicians! Our technicians pride themselves on being able to repair just about anything. From your home and RV to your motor vehicles, nearly every material can be restored. We provide leading technology to give the best repairs, and our mobile technicians will come to you and make your prized possessions look and feel like new. Let us erase those cuts, scrapes, wears, and burns for an affordable price! For more information about our restoration services in Vancouver, WA, contact us today.

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Repair & Restore Services

New Creations USA is a specialized repair and restoration company in Vancouver, WA capable of restoring nearly any surface and small structural damage. Currently, we restore over 100 interior and exterior surfaces.

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Automotive Interior Restoration

We do a lot in our cars. Vehicle interiors get a lot of wear and tear from kids, pets, mud, dirt, and spills. New Creations USA specializes in vehicle interior restoration. We repair tears, fix discoloration and stains, restore burned areas, scrapes, and marred finishes in all automotive interior surfaces and upholstery. We restore all surfaces inside your cars.

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RV Interior Restoration

Having an RV is fantastic for vacations, camping, and exploring the outdoors with friends and family. Unfortunately, they can also get damaged very easily. When it comes time to restore your RV, we offer a comprehensive skill set and all the newest techniques and technologies. We’ll come to you, get in and out quickly, and can repair nearly anything that needs fixing.

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Boat Interior Restoration

Riding the waves can be tough on boats. Our technicians can repair tears, water and mold discoloration, stains, burns, scuffs, and wood surfaces throughout your boat interior. At New Creations USA, we can return your vehicles to pristine condition at a reasonable price so you can get back to having fun wherever the wind and waves take you.

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Residential Interior Restoration

We can extend the life of your home with quality home restoration services. We can repair leather and re-dye and re-pad furnishings. Scratches, gouges, water damage, staining, chipping, tears, and burns on interior surfaces are our speciality. We can also repair cracks and small holes in window frames. We cover surfaces like leather, vinyl, wood, granite, and more!

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Commercial Restoration

We are a one-stop shop for all your commercial interior and exterior restoration needs! You want your business to represent the very best. The New Creations USA team can bring your office back to life or restore furniture that was damaged in shipping by repairing tears, discoloration, and nicks in furnishings for professional offices, hotels, meeting rooms, and medical offices.

Personal Belongings Restoration

Do you have a small personal item that seems outside the realm of a big restoration company? A sentimental family heirloom? A damaged high-end purse? A leather jacket that belonged to your grandfather? We get it! At New Creations USA, our team can repair and restore sentimental pieces. We can take a look at it and restore it for you at a reasonable cost!

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Why Restore Instead of Replace?

It’s an extremely common question, asked daily by homeowners and business owners alike when something breaks. Couples and families regularly debate over whether something damaged “isn’t too bad” or whether they should just buy a new one. In business, where time often equals money, it may seem more immediately feasible to replace the damaged item than to take the time to have it professionally restored.

Nowadays, it’s sadly true that some things are simply not built durably. As such, the “repair vs. replace” debate is one that’s impossible to avoid. When something in your home or business is damaged, restoring it doesn’t always seem like the right way to go. It might seem too time-consuming, too costly, or too difficult – especially if several different things need repairs at once!

However, in most cases, the repairs that New Creations USA offers can be done quickly and easily. So before you look into buying a new couch, bathtub, or dresser, take a look at a few reasons that you should consider restoring what you already have:


Regarding cosmetic-type repairs, restorations are very rarely more expensive than replacements! When it comes time to repair the seats or exterior of a car, the cushions of a leather sofa, or the basin of a sink, for example, the cost of hiring one of our technicians is likely to help you save some money. In fact, in many cases, our repairs cost less than 10% of the cost of replacement.


Imagine there’s a crack in your bathtub. It’s minor, but if it grows any longer, it’s likely to become a big problem! You might be tempted to tear it out entirely and get rid of it, but disposing of something as large as a bathtub might incur significant costs and negatively affect your environmental footprint. Remember, you are not only disposing of the item itself — you’re disposing of everything attached to it, which in this case includes drywall, tile, grout, and more.



Everyone is busy nowadays, and it’s hard to fit everything into your schedule! Buying new furniture to replace damaged dressers, tables, sofas, and couches is not only expensive but takes a lot of time. However, depending on the extent of the damage, our mobile technicians can come to you when you’re free and complete work quickly and quietly.


Let us take some work off your hands! Instead of juggling everything going on in your life while also trying to selectively replace the hardwood boards on your floor (for example), you can call the New Creations USA branch nearest you, and we’ll get you the help you need ASAP. You can also save yourself potentially backbreaking physical work from having to carry heavy items in and out of the house and up and down stairs.



Imagine you need a lot of things repaired. Perhaps you run a furniture store and need some minor work done to repair wood, leather, vinyl, and fabric. Perhaps you’re a new homeowner, and you want to deodorize your new house while also repairing some flooring that got damaged in the move. Either way, New Creations USA tackles a broad variety of different materials, meaning that there’s no need for you to hire a whole slew of different contractors – we can do it all!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“We have been using New Creations for two years now. They are the best at what they do. They can fix anything we send them. Very professional! Whether it’s leather repair or furniture repair, there has been nothing they can’t do. I highly recommend them.” Charlie

“We appreciate the quick and efficient service that New Creations and their team do repairing our customer’s furniture. New Creations do a great job, and we appreciate it very much.” Michelle

“New Creations is the reasonable alternative to complete replacement. Dave’s crew is knowledgeable, efficient, timely, affordable, and professional. It always amazes me how wonderful the restoration results are!” Jim

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