Keeping Your Car Interior Pristine

If you have a car, you likely use it every day. Even if you only use it on your way to and from work every day, you probably spend more time driving than you realize. 

When you spend sixteen or more days a year in your car, it’s bound to get a little messy! Just like any area in your home, it’s subject to wear and tear. Dashboard components fade or break. Upholstery rips. Drinks get spilled and food gets dropped on the floor. If you have pets, seats can get scratched, dirty, and hairy.

Damage is hard to avoid, but if you don’t fix it when it happens, it’ll only get worse! Your car may be all good under the hood, so to speak, but if the interior is messy, stained, covered in burn marks, smelly, or otherwise damaged, it can cause you lots of problems down the road.

Of course, there are some basic steps you can take that will help keep your car clean, like staying on top of removing garbage and crumbs. However, keeping the interior of your car tidy and undamaged takes a more in-depth commitment than many people realize!

Why Should I Get My Car Interior Repaired?

Do you have an older car that runs perfectly but is starting to see get a little worn in the interior? Here are some reasons you should consider cleaning it up and/or get it repaired.


Do you eat and drink in your car? Probably — most people do! It may seem harmless, but food and drinks can cause stains and smells. One small stain may not be a big deal, but a dozen small stains will cause problems going forward! Moreover, if you frequently smoke or take pets in your car, your car’s interior may be subject to bigger stains, scratches, burn marks, and odors.

If you’re looking to sell your car, you should definitely consider getting it cleaned and getting damage repaired. A potential buyer may see burn marks, fading, tears, etc. and ask themselves: “if this person doesn’t keep the inside of their car clean, can I trust that they took care of the car mechanically?”


A common issue in older vehicles is tears in the vinyl or cushions. When a rip first appears, it may be extremely small – perhaps even unnoticeable. However, the longer you ignore a rip in the seat, the larger it’s likely to grow, until repair suddenly becomes a much larger task as seats begin to deteriorate and lose their stuffing.

The same principle goes for many different areas of your car. Seemingly minor issues, when not taken care of immediately, can quickly become huge, expensive repair jobs.


Believe it or not, an unclean or damaged interior can cause health problems when it gets really bad. Dirty air vents, for example, can spread dust and dirt around the cabin for occupants to breathe in. Dirty and grime buildup can cause dashboard buttons and knobs to fail. Worst case scenario, filmy buildup on mirrors and windows can be a driving/safety hazard. Basic cleaning and maintenance habits can mitigate severe long-term problems!

How We Can Help?

Everyone knows that your car’s exterior takes a beating every day, but they don’t consider that the interior gets hit pretty hard, too! Even if it still drives perfectly, it’s difficult to spend time in an vehicle that’s slowly deteriorating around you,

New Creations sees a lot of cars with damaged interiors, but we rarely come across anything we can’t fix. We specialize in repairing interior components like leather, cloth, vinyl, plastic, and wood, and have done work on steering wheels, trim panels, armrests, consoles, headliners, upholstery, dashboards, seats, vinyl, leather, and more! We can also help remove stains and odours and get your car looking nice and fresh if you’re planning to sell.

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