Recently, we had a job come up which was a test of our skills. This was a whole new application.

Portland has had a record number of uber hot days this summer and it has created some interesting work for us.

New Creations USA partners with a local high-end moving company that was entrusted with the delivery of a $24,000  four piece hutch. One of the reasons this hutch is so expensive is because of the high gloss laquered finish. It had the finish of a high gloss grand piano.

During transport this hutch was strapped down to keep it secure but it was extremely hot the day it was moved. Because of the heat the high gloss laquer finish softened so much the straps sunk into the finish leaving a cloth texture imprint.

The moving company called New Creations USA in a panic hoping we could help. This was a job for our local wood superhero, Brad. He has over 30 years experience repairing wood furniture and he was able to restore the finish to its pre-meltdown condition.

The designer, furniture owners and moving company were all extremely pleased with the restoration and we were too!

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