The Homeowner Dilemma

Often people decide to fix and enhance their home once they plan to sell. To attract a better sale offer homeowners spruce up the old homestead with cosmetic and enhancement makeovers. In most cases, people are doing the things last minute that they had planned to do years before.  Their dreams of making their home the ideal space they wanted is now going to be someone else’s. Once the decision has been made to sell, in go new windows, new countertops, new hardwood floors, new carpeting and a bright new paint job.

Enhance your Home Now

But why shouldn’t you prioritize maintenance and make home upgrades now?  There are a lot of reasons to make the time and budget commitment to enhancing your home now.

  1. It just feels good to complete a project and create a new space. Whether it be a cozy front room or a lighting upgrade in your kitchen, it will enrich your life on a daily basis.
  2. Maintaining your home value while you are still living in it. Once you decide to sell, not only have you enjoyed your upgrades but those same home enrichments will help if you look for refinancing or appraisal.
  3. Making upgrades at a manageable pace reduces the stress of looking around and seeing the ever-growing list of things you wish were fixed up. We all know that pit in our stomach that comes with a growing to-do list. By enhancing your home while you still live there, you will be content and enjoy your home now.  And it helps you remember the reasons why you picked the home and community when you bought it. Additionally, that pride of ownership is contagious, changing the complexion of a neighborhood as everyone takes good care of their place.

Why go through the hassle and expense to do last minute enhancements for a buyer who you don’t even know and who may not even care.

Call New Creations USA

One of the ways you can take care of your home now is calling New Creations USA. Often, the wear or tear on your home surfaces can be professionally repaired and restored by New Creations USA. Save yourself the extra expense of buying replacements. We specialize in repairing countertops, wood cabinets, window casings, flooring, chipped tile, stone, granite, and leather and wood home furnishings.

The damage from the dog, the kids or the party foul can all be erased professionally by a New Creations USA mobile tech coming straight to your home.