People often ask, “so how did you decide to get into this kind of work?”
Well, it all started when Dave met Kelly.

We were both studying sciences at the University of British Columbia when Kelly caught my eye. I waited for my opportunity, and eventually asked her to be my lab partner. After that we were inseparable.

During the fall of 1990, we spent all our time together — before classes, after classes, and even during classes. By November, we both knew we were going to spend our lives together, and during Christmas break we decided to make plans to marry.

Two years earlier, my friend, Larry Stevenson, had started a new business repairing automotive interiors called New Creations. At one point, in the middle of that first Christmas break together, I was going to see Larry at a holiday party. Before I left, I told Kelly that I had a hunch Larry was going to ask me to work for him, and if he did, I’d say yes. Then, I’d quit school and we’d get married.

So sure enough, I went to my friend’s party, and someone asked me, “how’s school going?” And of course I replied, “oh it’s going great,” (which was not true — I was ready to burn my notes and start my life with Kelly). At that moment, without missing a beat, Larry’s wife Hilde said, “you should quit school and come work for us.”

I turned to Hilde and said, ” I will. I knew you were going to ask me that tonight and I’m prepared to start tomorrow!”

The rest, as they say, is history. Since December of 1990, I’ve been working with New Creations. During that time, my work has provided the perfect outlet to apply my scientific mind to the art of restoring things others think are unrepairable.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed building up the business and learning how to develop the entrepreneurial side of my business mind. More importantly, I can’t imagine working at a job without the freedom and flexibility I experience with New Creations.