New Creations USA is a mobile repair service helping people on site in their homes. As you may imagine we have a ton of funny stories, and we have seen some very strange and interesting things.

The Chaos Couches

Our company fixes sofas almost every single day. We have a standard list of things that we typically find as we turn over a sofa and open it up to repair. We commonly find remote controls, cordless phones, pens, and cat toys.

The most common reaction we hear from customers is an apology for the state of chaos found beneath their furniture. They follow this up with a question, “Would you mind if I just get in there with my vacuum while you have it all open?” People are so embarrassed by the situation growing and collecting in and under their sofas, especially clients with pets who sit on the furniture and contribute to the growing hairball inside and under their sofa. The amount of popcorn kernels, candy wrappers, balls of animal hair and miscellaneous kid’s toys collecting in couches is truly amazing.

The Easiest Repair in the World

Speaking of kids toys, we had an interesting sofa repair a while back. The customer said that their frame was broken on the right side seat of the sofa. Every time you’d sit down, it would make a horrible ‘clunk.’ I flipped the couch over to investigate and found that a fidget spinner had fallen into the couch and got wedged between two pieces of the wooden frame. It was as simple as removing the wedged in toy, and the sofa was repaired!

I had one lady last week excitedly looking at me as I turned over her couch for an ear ring she had lost sure that we would find it. It never turned up, but we do find jewelry quite often, so check those couches before you despair.

The Case of the Hoarding Cat

Recently we had a tech on a service call to repair a u. When our New Creations tech flipped it over to repair it, she was greeted by a pair of eyes peering out at her from inside the arm of the couch. The client’s cat had taken up residence inside the arm of the sofa, also making it the secret hiding spot for its stash of dozens of cat toys. The lady of the house was furious with her cat, reprimand her for hoarding all of the toys. “I can’t believe you, hiding all those toys, wasting my money, you are in big trouble!” she scolded. It wasn’t completely clear if the cat understood or even cared what she was saying. Our tech never got the cat’s side of the story and had a hard time trying to keep from laughing out loud.

Is this Yours, Ma’am?

A month ago, during the inspection of a reclining chair, the owners, an elderly couple, was with me as I inspected the padding and access to the chair from underneath. I noticed some bulgy areas against the upholstery and knew there were a couple of items stranded inside the chair. I reached in behind the upholstery and pulled out the first item which turned out to be a remote control for a stereo which I handed to the lady. I then reached in again to retrieve the second item, and I pulled out the most personal item I’ve found inside a couch so far. It was a little pink “personal massager”. Keeping a straight face, I handed this item as well to the lady at which point her face went completely red. I kept it professional, and treated it like any other item we would find inside the furniture.

I wonder what we will see in the months to come?