We’re excited to share with you that the New Creations USA business is expanding! This means that we have the opportunity to serve more people and repair, restore, and renew their materials for homes or businesses. With a focus on both being environmentally friendly and honoring the craftsmanship of well-made pieces, we’re pleased to extend our services and help more people maintain their belongings and save money. 

New Locations and New Opportunities

This year has been a year of rapid growth for us. We’re honored to have such wonderful customers who continue to allow our team do what we love – fix your stuff! We understand it’s more than just stuff, it’s saving you time and money, preserving the environment and repairing irreplaceable items that mean so much to you. We’re thrilled for the opportunity to bring this service to more people across the Pacific Northwest. If you live in this area, you can book our services in a location near you. 

New Creations USA recently expanded its franchise locations and we now have locations in the following areas:

  • The Greater Portland Area
  • The Greater Vancouver Area 
  • Olympia, WA
  • Boise, ID
  • Spokane, WA
  • South Puget Sound, WA
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Myrtle Beach, SC

Our locations in these areas service many surrounding cities as well. So if you’re interested in hiring one of our skilled restoration technicians, contact the location nearest you. Or, if you’re considering expanding your business or income options, New Creations USA offers a stellar franchise opportunity in a stable business environment that gives you all the tools you’ll need to succeed. Ready to join us?  

Who Can Own a New Creations USA Franchise? 

If you work in real estate, contracting, construction, handyman services, or any tactile trade, owning a New Creations USA franchise could be right up your alley. With the skills, experience and connections you already have, franchise ownership allows you to grow your business, better serve your customers, gain new customers and build additional income for you and your family. Even if you’re someone with a completely different background, the New Creations USA franchises are set up for your success, regardless of prior experience.

You can own a franchise and be highly successful, even if you have no prior franchise ownership experience or mechanical, construction, or restoration experience. You’ll benefit from a comprehensive training program designed to ensure your success and give you access to the tools you need to learn the latest industry trends and techniques. We provide the training and knowledge; you bring the motivation, work ethic and drive.

In addition, as a franchise owner, you have exclusive rights to an area with a population of around 250,000-300,000. That means you don’t have to compete with other franchises in your area and can spend your efforts on marketing your business and serving your customers.

Opportunities For Your Business Growth 

Many New Creations USA customers are other business owners. In these business-to-business relationships, we typically work with many automobile dealers, insurance companies, body shops, moving companies, and property management companies. We also work with large volumes of retail customers. When you consider the types of surfaces we can restore or repair, the opportunities for potential customers are quite large. The trained technicians at New Creations USA can repair rips, fades, stains, cracks, scratches, and holes in and on items in homes, businesses, cars, boats, and planes. We can make repairs and restorations on various surfaces such as wood, vinyl, leather, tile, granite, marble, quartz, ceramic, metal, fiberglass, stone, fabric, carpet, and linoleum. That makes for quite a list of things we can fix!

When you partner with us, you’ll gain access to the robust franchise business systems that include research and development of our proprietary product line, highly specialized techniques, exceptional training, support and marketing systems. A strong business model, quality of products and services, and expert marketing gives you the competitive advantage to create outstanding results and grow your business.

New Creations USA stands out with our innovative products, techniques and leading-edge technology that have made us industry leaders for more than 30 years. Our solutions are versatile and we can pride ourselves on being able to fix just about anything from vinyl, leather, countertops, wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, paint and more.

Own Your New Creations USA Franchise and Build Your Future


Do you embrace the opportunity to learn new techniques and find better ways to do something? Do you enjoy working with your hands and being creative? Are you interested in being involved with business development? Whatever your background or experience, if you’re willing to learn, work, and be dedicated to a quality customer experience, franchising could be the opportunity you’re looking for. New Creations USA will provide the training and ongoing support to ensure your success. If you’re ready to join a fast-growing business with a strong team, contact us to learn more about franchising.