The Small Business Healthcare Problem

Healthcare is expensive. New Creations USA is a small, specialized workforce. Each one of our employees and their overall health and fitness is extremely important to us. We have wrestled over the years with the issue of being able to offer healthcare benefits to our employees but the costs were a lot more than we could carry as a business. Finally, we have discovered a solution to this problem for our company and so many other companies with a smaller number of employees.

The Small Business Healthcare Solution

Dr. Steve Baker at Main Street Family Medicine offers a program for direct primary care based on a subscription model with a flat monthly fee per patient. For the affordable monthly “membership dues” we are able to access direct primary health care without all the red tape and bureaucracy that comes with traditional health insurance in America. The membership also affords us wholesale pricing on medication and lab work. A blood test which typically costs over $100 is only $6 with Main Street Family Medicine. All of the money we save with Main Street goes a long way towards paying for a simple catastrophic coverage policy to take care of the things our Main Street Family Medicine membership doesn’t.

Old Fashioned Medical Care 

Dr. Baker and his team are all so interactive, caring and attentive to each member’s personal needs. It really doesn’t seem possible to receive this level of personal care and authentic concern for such a low monthly fee. They are also very modern in their communication, realizing how busy we all are. You can reach the Doc or one of his RNs through the phone, text, email and even Skype! We decided to sign up our New Creations USA employees with Main Street Family Medicine because we believe it is an attractive employee benefit and it is a support service we can’t operate our business well without. Healthy and supported employees are more likely to be happy employees. If you live in PDX or Vancouver and run a small business or are just frustrated with the expense and limited service associated with the current healthcare model, check out Main Street Family Medicine online and book an appointment to get to know Dr. Baker in a personal meeting at his Vancouver, WA offices.

Building Relationships For Better Service

Our business is built on relationships with other small businesses in the communities we serve. New Creations USA loves to be a resource to provide you with quality referrals for the best locals businesses to deal with. If you need to buy or service a car in any way, repair or reupholster furniture, need help with your boat or RV, or get connected with a business service professional you will be able to trust, please call our office so that we can help you succeed. Repair, Restore, Renew – That’s What We Do!

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