First impressions matter. When prepping a home for sale first impressions are a top concern. Painting and basic upgrades are must. But what do you do about chips, cracks, broken tiles, dented floors and wear in the home. New Creations USA can help erase wear and tear in your home so you make the best first impression. Here are four ways New Creations USA can help.

Kitchen and Bathroom Repairs

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. New Creations USA specializes in repairing cosmetic blemishes in countertops, flooring, and cabinets. Chips in granite or engineered stone, burn marks, holes, cracks or scuffs in any man-made laminate surface like arborite can often be restored. You can replace the countertops with new material, but why? We can complete these repairs within one work day and your home is ready to sell. Wood or linoleum floors? Daily life does damage to high traffic areas. New Creations can help here too. Did your appliance tear the flooring while being moved? We can fix it. Knife cuts, torn flaps, discoloration, separated seams, and pet scratches are all part of our repair specialities in both wood and linoleum.

Wood Cabinets

Repairing wooden cabinets with cosmetic damage is also one of our specialties. Often cabinets will show wear at handles and edges where they are opened and closed several times per day. It makes no difference to us whether they are wood grained, white, or custom color. We carry everything we need to custom match the finish and leave an invisible repair.

Pet Damage

Everyone loves pets, but we love our OWN pets. Nobody wants to see signs that there were two dogs running through the house for the last 12 years. Pet food dishes worn a hole? Back door scratched and floor worn where doggie or kitty has insisted they need to be let out? Puppies also can leave their mark where they have gently gnawed on the wood trim. New Creations USA has solutions for this too.

Furniture Repair

The last thing to consider is the furnishings in the home as you stage it to sell. Your furniture tells a story. Kids? Pets? We are experts in all furniture repair. The materials we can help repair include leather, vinyl, cloth, and wood. Staging with good looking furniture will help your buyer visualize their new life in the home. New Creations USA loves to partner with real estate professionals. We provide fast, invisible, and cost-effective solutions. Present your home in its best possible condition with help from New Creations USA.