The only way to be truly successful on any kind of scale is to partner with quality people and companies who can help us achieve our customer’s objectives.

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of people working together.” Paul Ryan

In our business, we partner with companies on several different levels to produce the desired results for our clients. We partner with upholstery suppliers and commercial upholsterers to help us take care of the parts of a project which we don’t specialize in. We partner with designers, realtors, insurance companies, property managers, builders, movers, cabinet shops and other trades to help take care of their customers with the specialty surface restoration that we do.

One recent example of how we partner for success is when the designer from The House of George needed our help with a project transforming his customer’s dining chairs. The plan was to recolor all of the wooden bases and to reupholster all of the fabric cushions to give the furniture an updated look that matched the new décor inside the home. Our portion of the job ended up being the recoloring of the wooden bases. We brought in one of our commercial reupholstering partners to recover the seat cushions. George was delighted to be partnering with us on this project, and he gave us a glowing review.

“As an interior designer, I rely on services that provide quality and timely work.  Dave has been able to fix, modify, and repair several client pieces that seemed impossible to fix.  He even took on projects other repair shops declined. They are the first and only furniture repair service I call upon when I need any work done.” – George

Thanks, George! It is a pleasure working with you.