Sinks and bathtubs are among the most essential, well-used parts of any home. They keep you, your kids, your hands, and your dishes clean. Because they’re such common features of nearly every home, they’re easy to take for granted, which makes them susceptible to damage in day-to-day life.

Imagine you start seeing chips & cracks form in your bathtub. Maybe someone in your family accidentally dropped something heavy in there. Maybe you just knocked over the shampoo bottle one too many times! Either way, now you’ve got a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP if you want to keep water — and mold — from getting into your walls and floors.


Consider what a sink or bathtub actually is: a basin for running water. Water that can seriously harm your home if it manages to escape its basin in ways it shouldn’t – like through cracks.

Modern bathtubs are generally made of one of four materials: acrylic, steel, porcelain, or fiberglass. Fiberglass is extremely common because it’s lightweight and durable, but it’s also fairly flexible, which means if it’s installed in such a way that does not fully support its weight, cracks can form rather easily if anything is dropped on it.

The use of aggressive cleaners (like bleach) can also cause problems in your bathtub. They can erode the finish of your tub, which allows moisture in and forms cracks over time. The longer a crack is allowed to remain in your tub, the larger it grows, possibly leading to mold in the drywall.


Sinks (especially bathroom sinks) aren’t invincible either. Too many heavy items dropped can cause tiny dings and dents that are virtually invisible unless you’re looking for them. Left unfixed, these cracks can cause mold in your cupboards, or even cause the sink to simply break.

Get Them Fixed!

If your bathtub or sink is chipped or cracked, you may be tempted to tear it out, throw away the entire thing, and just replace it. It may seem easier, but it’s also expensive, and it isn’t exactly environmentally friendly to dispose of so much material! New Creations USA can handle plenty of types of restoration work across a broad spectrum of materials and mediums. If your bathtub or sink is chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, we’d love to take a look! Get in touch if you’d like more info, or take a look at some more before/after pics.