This is the first word that comes to mind after the response from the community over our recent Columbian newspaper article.

Many people have been living with rips, tears and other issues in their furniture and auto interiors but didn’t know who they could trust to have in their homes to make the professional repairs. Kay Richardson from the Columbian did a great job of capturing the essence of who we are as a company and our vision for helping our neighbors within the communities we serve.  The response has honestly been overwhelming!  

One of the nicest things that has come from the article is what people are saying about our office staff and our communication process with customers. I hear over and over again, “That lady who answers the phone for you does such a great job! She’s so friendly and was so helpful, and you guys actually kept the appointment time you promised.” Our passion is to serve our customers from the moment they call our office to the time we leave their restoration project. I couldn’t be prouder of both Kelly and Sydney in our office.

I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know so many great and interesting people who live here in Clark County. I have helped folks in large homes on the Columbia River, on a mountain top in Washougal, people just moving into a new home, and others who have been in their home for 35 years and have raised all their kids there. One guy I repaired a seat for the other day does artisan blacksmith work in his shop, creating hatchets, knives and other tools from the period of Lewis and Clark. There is a whole circuit of shows he travels to, selling his pieces to collectors. There is so much diversity within our community and we are glad to be a part of that.

So, look around. If there is something chipped, scratched, dinged, discolored or torn we can help you restore it. Call our office and speak with Kelly or Sydney and we will work to solve your issues. We are always happy to help.

Repair. Restore. Renew. That’s what we do.