When you run a mobile repair business, you need a dependable vehicle. Fortunately, that’s what New Creations USA has found in the GMC Sierra.

I bought my Sierra pickup in 2007 from a local dealer in Vancouver, Washington — taking advantage of an attractive 0% financing offer over four years. In all the time I’ve worked at New Creations, I had never owned a new truck before, so I felt it was time. We had two teenage boys at home, and the GMC crew cab had enough room for my family of four to fit comfortably during our family visits to Canada, for soccer trips, or camping through the Grand Canyon. 

My boys are both grown up and married now, but the truck carriers on. As my daily driver, I’ve put 380,000 miles on my Sierra, and apart from a few squeaks and creaks, it’s as dependable as day one. 

Cars Last Longer, but their Interiors Don’t

I was reminded of how pleased I am with my Sierra truck after reading this USA Today article. Thanks to technology advancements, it’s becoming more common for automobiles to last 150,000 miles trouble-free. Unfortunately, while mechanical components are more reliable than ever, car interiors aren’t. So even though a car may run perfectly well 15 years later, plastic dashboard components and upholstery can become faded, ripped, and torn after years of heavy use. This problem is leading automakers to rethink car interiors so they can be just as durable as the rest of the car.

I see this issue all the time in my business. One of my primary service offerings is automotive repair, where I restore interior components like leather, cloth, vinyl, plastic, and wood. It’s not just classic restorations that need this work. I see more and more late-model cars that still run great but need an extra level of care for the interior.

I’m Keeping my GMC

Despite its age, I plan to continue driving my Sierra. Recently, I had my truck and canopy wrapped with vinyl film advertising our business. All my customers thought I’d bought a new vehicle, but I was proud to tell them it was my same old, reliable GMC Sierra. With just a little bit of attention, my truck looks very professional and continues to serve me well. 

Just this week, one of our employees bought a used Sierra as well, because he saw how reliable my truck has been over the years. My brother also works at New Creations and is currently looking at a GMC Canyon to support his role in the business.

As New Creations franchises across the west, I look forward to giving a hearty endorsement for GMC products as new franchisees look to us for leadership and answers.

We Can Turn Your Car into a New Creation

If you own a car you love that needs a little extra TLC, New Creations can help. Our restorations can transform seats, trim panels, armrests, consoles, dashboards, headliners, and the other interior parts of your car that take a beating every day. After receiving the New Creations treatment, you’ll have infused new life into your old vehicle. 

Someday soon, I may have to replace my Sierra pickup, and I don’t know how I could choose anything else but a GMC. They’ve won my loyalty through many years and miles of dependability. 

New Creations hopes we can do the same with you. Call us today at 1-888-747-9894 or fill out our online form for your free quote.