Personal Belongings Restoration

Repair. Renew. Restore.

We Restore & Repair What Matters to You the Most!

Do you have a small personal item that seems outside the realm of a big restoration company? A sentimental family heirloom? A damaged high-end purse? A leather jacket that belonged to your grandfather?
Obviously, when items of great sentimental value are damaged or worn out, you can’t simply throw them away. Odds are, New Creations can take a look at it and restore it for you at a reasonable cost.

In the past, we’ve tackled restorations on a broad variety of personal belongings, including:

Assorted Home Decorations

Statues and Busts

Leather Jackets

Purses and Handbags


Wooden Trinkets


Family Heirlooms and Other Trinkets

cracked stone counter before and after image
cracked stone counter before and after image

Why Choose Us to Repair & Restore Your Family Heirlooms and Other Personal Belongings?

Your family heirlooms and miscellaneous trinkets are unique. Everyone has them: distinct, often small items that couldn’t possibly be replaced. Statues or figurines that were passed down to you by your grandparents. Items from your childhood that you couldn’t bring yourself to part with in a hundred years. They’re irreplaceable because they’re so rare and because they mean the world to you.

Often, when older items age, they become worn out and delicate. Sometimes, they break entirely. Of course, you can’t simply throw them out when that happens, so what should you do?

When many people hear the words “Restoration Company,” they automatically associate it with things like wood and metal. Flooring. Countertops. Furniture. Home and automobile interiors. In other words, many people assume that only large-scale residential and automotive projects are worth tackling — but not heirloom restorations. A big company only tackles big projects, right?

New Creations operates under the strict assumption that everything can be repaired because, most of the time, everything can! In most cases, we can take a look at your family heirlooms and restore them for you quickly within your budget. Better yet, a personal belongings restoration technician in Vancouver, WA, or Portland, OR, can come to you, and our innovative techniques and skills, such as color matching, can make what’s old new again.

The family heirlooms that mean the world to you mean the world to us too. So, if you’re fixing a small statue in the hopes of restoring its value before you sell it, looking to restore your purse, or if you’re fixing an old leather jacket that belonged to your grandfather, get in touch!

We Do More Than Just Personal Belongings Restoration!

car interior

Automotive Interior Restoration

We restore all surfaces inside your cars! Your materials will not only look and feel like new, but they will last.

dining room image

Residential Interior Restoration

We can extend the life of your furniture, flooring, countertops, and more with a quality home restoration that lasts.

store with ruined floor image

Commercial Interior & Exterior Restoration

We can bring your office back to life or restore damaged office furniture. Let's represent the best of your business!

dogs on a boat

RV Interior Restoration

When it comes time to restore your RV, we offer the newest techniques and technologies. We’ll come to you and can repair it quickly.

Happy Customers

“I could not be more pleased with the work done by Brad at New Creations! He worked magic on my furniture. I truly didn’t think he could make it look like new again, but he did! Brad is so knowledgeable, talented, and kind. I give him my highest recommendation.”

– Barbara Francis


“Have had my Lazy Boy leather chairs for 25 years! The chairs are in great shape mechanically but had some wear and tear. I called New Creations, and they came out and restored my chairs. THEY LOOK GREAT!!!! I didn’t even have to drop them off. They did the restoration in my home. I hated to have to buy new chairs just because of wear, and their restoration process made my chars look like new. I would definitely recommend New Creations to repair, restore or renew your leather furniture. Thank you, New Creations – you saved me a ton of money!”

– Joanne McGinnis