RV Interior Restoration

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We Restore & Repair Your RVs

Having an RV is fantastic for vacations, camping, and exploring the outdoors with friends and family. They’re exciting to own because of their versatility and their performance. Above all, they’re just downright fun — it’s called a recreational vehicle for a reason!

Unfortunately, they can also get damaged very easily.

Think about it this way: homes are high-maintenance. It takes skill, time, and money to maintain both your interiors and exteriors. Carpets, hardwood flooring, furniture, stairs it all costs time and money. Everything indoors is subject to daily wear and tear from you and your family, and everything outdoors is exposed to the elements.

Unfortunately, cars are pretty high-maintenance, too. In order to keep your car running well and looking good, you need tools and a skill set beyond that of the average household handyman.


Consider the following elements of RV restoration: flooring, countertops, and seats. Like in any home, flooring can easily be scuffed or broken, and seats and counters are prone to scratches and burns. Your family vacations can easily go from fun to stressful when you’re finding all the daily nicks and scratches.


When it comes time to fix the flooring in your RV, New Creations gives you the best and quickest option for restoration! Linoleum is expensive and, more importantly, very difficult to repair seamlessly. When linoleum is repaired improperly, it leaves seam lines, which can attract dirt and look terrible in the long run. New Creations USA can do it quickly, and, more importantly, we can do it without tearing out the old floor and putting in a new custom floor, saving you time and money.


No matter what material the counters in your RV are made of, they’re not invincible! Maybe one of your kids accidentally puts a hot pan on the counter and leaves a big burn mark. Maybe a corner gets bumped one too many times and cracks. Whatever the case, New Creations can fix it quickly and easily — without needing to replace the entire counter.


You might not think about it, but seats are the most frequently used part of your RV’s interior! And, ultimately, it doesn’t take long for a wear line to become a rip, and rips will only grow over time.
scuffed wood floor before and after image
torn vinyl car seat before and after image
cracked stone counter before and after image
broken plastic dash board and glove box before and after image

Why Choose Us to Repair & Renew Your RV?

Let’s be honest. It’s much more enjoyable to use an RV that looks and feels like new. It’s your car, yes, but it’s also your home, and our team’s versatility means that we can fix both the automotive elements and the home elements, too!

When it comes time to restore your RV in Vancouver, WA, New Creations USA offers a comprehensive skill set and all the newest techniques and technologies. We’ll come to you, get in and out quickly, and can repair nearly anything that needs fixing. Your RV doesn’t even need to move! Depending on the job, we can get done in just a few hours what would likely take days (or even weeks) anywhere else! Contact us today to learn more about our RV interior restoration and repair services in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas.

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We Do More Than Just RV Interior Restoration!

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Happy Customers

“New Creations USA made my couch feel new again, and they fixed a crack in our vinyl floor. Repairing rather than replacing saved us a lot of money! They are always professional, with great customer service. I would highly recommend that you give them a call to see what they can fix for you!”

– Jodi Tripp

“Bryan is so talented. I’m always amazed when I see his work. He’s helped me out with my customers when they need interior work done and I always know he’s doing a great job. Thank you, Bryan.

– James Giles